Customer Testimonials

Below are just a few of the great things our customers have said about DOMA:

Hi Doma, Received my bowl today!!!

Thank you so very much, it's just beautiful and will look wonderful with some homemade gnocchi in it!

Thanks again for going the extra mile.

Dear Doma,

We were at your store Saturday afternoon. We're the couple from Binghamton that bought a few cans of tomato products, some pastas, an apron and some of both of your home made sausages. First of all, thank you for the Doma apron. But more importantly, thank you for making the best Italian sausage we've ever had. We are originally from the Wyoming Valley and have lived in Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester and Binghamton. We have eaten plenty of Italian food. Nobody's sausage have even comes close to yours. Good job.

Dear Doma,

Thank you so much for having the pasta machine mailed to my son in Buffalo, he and his wife were thoroughly excited and plan to use it once they are settled in their home. I truly appreciate your sending me the pictures of the machine, which helped me make my decision to go with your company

Thanks DOMA. I'm a retired firefighter from New Jersey and even though I'm an African American i know good Italian food when I taste it from working in the firehouse for 25 years you kinda know whats good and whats so so, and your stuff is good. The provolone and romano cheese is the best I've tasted, also I ordered the DOP San Marzano tomatoes and let me tell you my Italian neighbor who I gave a few cans to now calls me [my Italian brother] lol anyway. I'm in the process of telling all my friends about you guys and will be ordering a lot more other products. Oh and the ACEA cheese grater works very well. OK that's it for now, just had to tell you how happy i am...THANKS AGAIN.

I was pleasantly surprised to find my box on my doorstep when I got off work! Wow. I just want to let you guys know that I was SO pleased with my order! It was like opening another Christmas present:) It was packed so carefully, and I could tell was treated with care. Thank you so I said before, being out here in Idaho, I don't have the convenience of going to my grocery store to buy the special ingredients I need to make the Italian foods I crave. I will definitely be ordering from you again! To me, it is a little taste of home:) thank you,

The pasta bowls arrived today. Thank you so much. I look forward to shopping at your store on our next visit to Scranton.

Thank you Thank you Thank you. The bowls arrived and I love them. Thanks for taking the time to help me.

WOW - I'm in heaven. I used to go to the city for this stuff, now I know I can get it right here. (Binghamton NY resident).

This is the first order I have ever placed at Doma Market and I am very pleased at how fast I received my order. I'll definitely be ordering again. I know I'll be happy with every order. THANKS! So glad I found you on the internet!!

Thank You,Thank You.The bowl arrived today and it is magnificent,much prettier and heavier than the one I was replacing. My husband is thrilled. I will definitely stop in my next rip to Scranton.

"Dear DOMA, The pasta bowl arrived this afternoon (all in one piece). I really think my son and his fiancee are going to enjoy using it. Thank you for all your effort. You sure bring a personal touch to your business!"

"I received my order today, Monday 4/18/11. Thank you for sending it Priority Mail. I am going to make Easter Pie. I will certainly order from you again!! The service was great. Bona Pasqua!!

"I have been very pleased with my choices, especially the Italian Artisan Pasta. You had such a large variety to choose from.I need to be on a gluten-free diet. No wheat products. I loved pasta and really have missed it. But watching the “View” on TV one day, they had someone talk about this disease. The person said that pasta made in Italy does not have the high gluten content as pasta made in the USA. Something about the ratio between Semolina and Durum wheat. That was the reason I went online to do some research and buying. He was correct. I did not have a problem or reaction with either pastas. I CAN ENJOY PASTA AGAIN !!Plus I think that the Artisan Pasta was the best my friends and I have ever tasted. So I will be a devoted customer and also let my friends know as well.Thank you for being ITALIANO and sharing the wonderful products of that country with the world."

"I smelled the cheeses out on the street and just had to stop in."

"This store just smells so good."

"This smell reminds me of my nonna's kitchen."

"This is my childhood."

"I remember coming in here with my great grandmother."

"You don't find stores like this anymore."

"The word is getting around about the great quality of your products."

"This is the best sausage I have ever had."

"This store looks just like one I was in in Italy."

"I have never had such great customer service as I've had here, you can tell you are caring people."

"Buongiorno! Oh my goodness, my father was speechless! He loved it! Thank you so much, and thank you for the follow up email! You guys are great. I will definately be keeping up with you! Have a great day and grazie mille!

"THANK YOU! the panettone arrived on time. It's the best panettone we've tasted so far. A real treat for the holiday table."

"We just had some great hot sausage I picked up yesterday on my way back to Boston. We will be back in town for St Patty's day- see you then."

"She did get the basket and she was VERY SURPRISED! She loved it. Thanks again for all your help."

"I just want to tell you I received package today, thanks from the very bottom of my heart, words cannot express my appreciation."

"Our son brought home some of your food for Christmas Eve and it was so good, we had to stop in and see the store for ourselves." (day after Christmas).

"I must say I'm quite pleased with the results of my Gnali and Zani Brasil espresso maker. I brewed some espresso and the results are quite tasty (and potent). It's not quite as intense, perhaps, as a pressure-brewed espresso, but for me that makes the experience nice and mellow."

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